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By Lauren Haney

ISBN-10: 0061364398

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ISBN-10: 0380812851

ISBN-13: 9780380812851

A vile rumor sweeps around the barren region like a quickly amassing sandstorm: Queen Hatshepsut plans to disband a lot of her frontier military and remodel its fortresses into storehouses. the arriving of Amonked—the Queen's cousin and Storekeeper of Amon—at the town of Buhen convinces an uneasy Lieutenant Bak of the Medjay police that the whisperings that experience alarmed the population are real. Then, an afternoon after Amonked inspects the neighborhood garrison and departs, a physique is located stabbed in the home the place he and his celebration rested. The slain guy used to be an area prince, loved by way of his humans, so Bak travels upriver to hitch the caravan and examine. even though not anything tangible connects Amonked and his humans to the heinous act, Bak's inquiry quickly sheds a nerve-racking gentle on an inexplicable crime. For the clues recommend that twisted honor and vengeance lie at its root . . . and a stunning mystery, secure through homicide and silence, which may itself silence the truth—and Bak—for eternity.

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He glanced often at Thuty, obviously suspicious the commandant was mocking them. Sennefer remained near the entry, taking in everything, saying nothing, wearing a good-humored smile that might or might not have been sincere. When the inspector indicated he was ready to move on, Thuty signaled a guard to precede them to the next room. Larger than the first, it had a ceiling supported on two columns. Light was admitted through high, narrow windows secured by stone grills. This was the safest room in the treasury, its contents the most valuable.

Thuty is here,” Bak pointed out. “Our sovereign resides far away. ” Horhotep raked Bak with his eyes, his expression scathing. “You people, every one from the lowliest camp follower to officers of the highest rank, have been here far too long. You’ve settled in, formed a tight little kingdom of your own. ” He turned on his heel and stalked to the door. Nebwa, his expression stormy, stepped aside to let him pass. Face aflame, Lieutenant Merymose fled behind his superior. Bak whistled. “There goes a man who’s already made his decision.

Knucklebones rattled across the floor. A shout of triumph was drowned by a spate of yells and catcalls. No matter how unhappy or worried the people of Buhen, nothing less than a major catastrophe could arrest their desire to wager. A cool breeze dipped into the courtyard, making the torch sputter. The chill sneaked beneath the linen shift Bak had donned at nightfall, when the lord Re had vanished into the netherworld, stealing the day’s warmth. Nofery, seated on her chair, keeping an eye on the gamblers, had thrown a fringed shawl over her shoulders.

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