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By Josephine Tey

ISBN-10: 0684842386

ISBN-13: 9780684842387

A woman's physique is located at the English seacoast, and twisted in her hair is a piece of writing screaming homicide. For Inspector Alan supply, the case turns into a nightmare, as too many clues and too many reasons come up.

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She had a home. " "It isn't a bungalow," the man automatically corrected. "No. No, I suppose not. But it seems dreadful—the mortuary. " "Davis," the sergeant said to the constable, "you go back with the others and report. —Briars? with Mr. " The two ambulance men crunched their heavy way over the pebbles, followed by Potticary and Bill. The noise of their progress had become distant before the sergeant spoke again. " A spasm of something like embarrassment ran across Tisdall's face. He hesitated.

I don't know. A sort of desire to get away from the fortune side of things. I hadn't been much ornament to the name, anyhow. " "All right. " "There isn't much more to tell. She offered me hospitality. Told me she was alone, but that—well, that I'd be just a guest. I said wasn't she taking a chance. ' It seemed an awkward arrangement to me, but it turned out just the opposite. She was right about it. It made things very easy, just accepting each other. In a way (it was queer, but it was like that) it was as if we had known each other for years.

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