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The pressures of World War II forced the development of a degaussing coil system that countered the magnetic mine threat that existed at the time, but used minimal resources. 5: Modern L-type degaussing coil designed to compensate a ship’s induced longitudinal and permanent magnetization. 48 reduction of a ship’s magnetic field signatures signature compensation was not needed until the emergence of modern sea mines with much higher sensitivities to magnetic fields. The L-coil configuration and the subdivision of the M-coil and A-coil into several loops are typical of modern degaussing system designs.

Initially, these systems were designed only to compensate induced and permanent magnetization. As explained by Holmes [2], a ship’s induced magnetization is dependent on its location within the Earth’s magnetic field (latitude and longitude) and its orientation within the field (roll, pitch, and heading angle). Therefore, a degaussing system must be able to compensate the three orthogonal components of magnetization (longitudinal, athwartship, and vertical) independently from each other. A degaussing coil designed to cancel a vessel’s vertical magnetization is called an M-coil.

23. A distribution cable carrying a current, I, is located at (0, −c) inside an infinitely long cylindrical magnetic shield of conductivity, σs, and permeability, µs, and with an inside radius, a, and outside radius, b. 23: Coordinate system for the two-dimensional cylindrical shell shielding example. 38 reduction of a ship’s magnetic field signatures current magnitude of −I. 13) where I Xs = − p Qn = ∞ 1 å n n=1, 3, 5,... � � �n c Qn sin nj r 1 1 1 cosh(kn t) + Kn + 2 Kn Kn = � sinh (kn t) kn b mr n � n2 + gs2 b2 � gs = jw ms ss kn = mr = ms m0 t= b−a and the unshielded case given by X0 = Xs with Q = 1.

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