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By Fredric Jameson

ISBN-10: 1784784540

ISBN-13: 9781784784546

Debatable manifesto via acclaimed cultural theorist debated via major writers

Fredric Jameson's pathbreaking essay An American Utopia notably questions common leftist notions of what constitutes an emancipated society. recommended right here are—among different things—universal conscription, the entire acknowledgment of envy and resentment as a primary problem to any communist society, and the attractiveness that the department among paintings and relaxation can't be overcome.

To create a brand new global, we needs to first switch the best way we envision the realm. Jameson's textual content is preferably put to set off a debate at the possible choices to international capitalism. as well as Jameson's essay, the amount contains responses from philosophers and political and cultural analysts, in addition to an epilogue from Jameson himself.

Many might be appalled at what they're going to come across in those pages—there could be blood! yet maybe one has to spill such (ideological) blood to provide the Left a chance.

Contributing are Kim Stanley Robinson, Jodi Dean, Saroj Giri, Agon Hamza, Kojin Karatani, Frank Ruda, Alberto Toscano, Kathi Weeks, and Slavoj Žižek.

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It is the identity of difference, foretold by Hegel’s Logic and replayed in all its possible combinations by Derrida’s tireless mental exercises, whose only flaw was the omission of prophecy—for standardization was something that deserved to be prophesied historically and then reconfirmed, après coup, as a prophecy which came true. We will call it space, and thereby complete the diagnosis of the supersession of time by space in a description of postmodernity which was also meant to be a historical and political diagnosis.

But the privatization of the hospitals and the institutionalization of the private practitioner bid fair to strip away that aura, and the doctors have for the most part had to bow to the economic power of insurance companies and pharmaceutical giants, while their guilds—such as the American Medical Association, which functioned in the past as a powerful anti-political lobby on the order of the National Rifle Association—are seemingly no longer very effective. Yet a society organized around health standards and the production of accessible drugs and foods is certainly conceivable: far more than a utopia of lawyers (Callenbach liked to insist on the beneficial litigiousness of his Ecotopia), it would necessarily presuppose the standard elite of philosopher-kings, given the highly specialized knowledge its decisions would seem to presuppose.

We must, however, draw the opposite conclusion from his, and as a consequence abandon government altogether. In fact, no one wants a state any longer, failed or not; all the factions are united in denouncing it. But as the state is the privileged subject matter of political theory, we must abandon political theory as well. I return therefore to the proposition that it is population which is both the conceptual and the social scandal: that philosophically fearful thing called the “Other” which has haunted modern thought in recent years is in reality plural, and it is population as such that constitutes otherness.

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American Utopia: Dual Power and the Universal Army by Fredric Jameson

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