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By Tom Lansford, Robert P. Watson, Jack Covarrubias

ISBN-10: 0754677877

ISBN-13: 9780754677871

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That their main supporters, including the US and Saudi Arabia 20 Dobbs, M. (1988), “Soviets Say 13,310 Soldiers Died in Afghan War,” Washington Post, May 26. 87 million in aid to Afghanistan; US, Agency for International Development (AID) (1979), US Overseas Loans and Grants, 1979, Washington, DC: GPO. M. S. (1988), “Inside the Afghan Talks,” Foreign Policy 72 (Fall), 31–60. 23 Quoted in Klass, R. (1988), “Afghanistan: The Accords,” Foreign Affairs 66/5 (Summer), 933. 24 The framework agreement was originally reached in May 1991, but officials in Moscow resisted implementation until after the coup.

29 The main fundamentalist mujahadeen groups came together in a broad coalition known as the Islamic Alliance. 30 Within the coalition, there emerged an ethnic division that would lead to later conflict after the Soviet withdrawal. The Islamic Society was made up of mainly ethnic Tajiks and Uzbeks. The Society’s political leader was Dr Burhanuddin Rabbani and its military commander was Ahmad Shah Massoud. In 1992, Rabbani would become the first post-Soviet President of Afghanistan. The Society’s major rival, the mainly Pashtun Islamic Party, was led by Gulbuddin Hikmatyar who would ultimately challenge Rabbani’s rule and help sow the seeds for the rise of the Taliban.

1992), “Snub for Hard-Line Afghans,” The Times, January 28. 45 Khashan, op. cit. fn. 37, 6. Osama bin Laden, Radical Islam and the United States 27 and poor term for analytical purposes) has been the single most anti-Western force over the past two decades especially with the withering away of communism. ”46 The latest of these figures is, of course, Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden From the ashes of the mujahadeen that formed to “liberate” Afghanistan from the Soviets, Osama bin Laden, or Usamah bin Mohammad bin Awad bin Laden, formed the core elements of what has become al-Qaeda.

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