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By Marcus O. Durham, PhD, Rosemary Durham

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The Younger Dryas (named for an arctic plant, whose pollen was found deep beneath old lakes in Denmark) began quite suddenly. The ice cores from Greenland’s ice sheets show that it was as sudden as a drought. Annual rainfall fell, winter storms grew in severity, and the average European temperature dropped by about 7°C (13°F) — all within several decades. This cold snap lasted more than a thousand years until, just as abruptly, the warm rains returned. Apropos global warming from greenhouse gases, note that the last time an abrupt cooling happened, it was during a PSYX major episode of gradual global warming.

Intelligence is all about improvising, creating a wide repertoire of behaviors, ``good moves'' for various situations. A focus on intelligence covers a lot of the same ground as does a focus on consciousness -- but it avoids many of the navigational hazards. Most important, the good-moves repertoire is an end point very different from the snapshots of passive contemplation. '' And so the next task is to take a brief look at where good guessing might have come from, in evolutionary terms. The paradox of consciousness -- that the more consciousness one has, the more layers of processing divide one from the world -- is, like so much else in nature, a trade-off.

Nick Humphrey would pick social intelligence as the driver, for example). My candidate is accurate throwing for hunting, handy for getting through the winter via eating animals that eat grass. But most people would pick language. Especially syntax. [Language comprehension] involves many components of intelligence: recognition of words, decoding them into meanings, segmenting word sequences into grammatical constituents, combining meanings into statements, inferring connections among statements, holding in short-term memory earlier concepts while processing later discourse, inferring the writer’s or speaker’s intentions, schematization of the gist of a passage, and memory retrieval in answering questions about the passage....

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