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Another s t u d y indicates the relatively high stability of the enkephalin and substance P neuropeptide molecules in post-mortem animal brain tissues, a fact which s u g g e s t s that the content of those peptides analyzed in post-mortem human brain most probably reflects t h e content before death ( 5 9 ) . This s t u d y and the previous s t u d y indicate that t h e post-mortem stability of peptides may be maintained adequately for a limited time, i f the cell wall integrity i s preserved and if peptidases remain effectively compartmentalized.

5. Dynorphinergic pathways. Dynorphin A 29 The peptide bond between 18Lys and '('Arg in this large dynorphin precursor is significant because trypsin-like cleavage of that bond generates an amino terminal heptadecapeptirlc (dynorphin A ) and a carboxy terminal . tridecapeptide (dynorphin B ) The latter peptide, dynorphin U , represents t h e third "big" LE besides dynorphin A and alpha-neoendorphin (Tyr-Gly-Gly-Phe-Leu-Arg-Lys-Tyr-Pro-Lys). Thc dynorphin 13 molecule suprisingly displays t h e same high kappa receptor activity as dynorphin A, a fact which indicates that t h e "address" needed for receptor recognition and binding most probably resides in the N-termini of the two peptides.

Due to t h e presence of several N-acetylated endorphins, the acetylating reactions appear to offer another selective metabolic control mechanism for expressing different biologic activities. Immunofluorescence experiments demonstrate the presence of a highly organized neuronal network commencing with hypothalamic cell bodies, expressing through long axons, and terminating in bundles of terminals at several defined locations. The main concentration of beta-endorphin immunoreactive peptides is in the hypothalamus where cell bodies a r e confined to the arcuate nucleus, medium emminence, and the ventromedial border of the third ventricle.

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