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Com/cgr DGAT2 and its relatives encode intrinsic membrane proteins that are completely unrelated to DGAT1. , 2001). , 2003). MOGAT enzymes catalyze the synthesis of triglycerides from 2-monoacylglycerols and acyl-CoA. The so-called monoacylglycerol pathway is essential for intestinal dietary fat resorption. Here we report the cloning, physical mapping and sequence analysis of DGAT2, MOGAT1 and MOGAT2 in cattle (Bos taurus). Additionally, we screened for intragenic polymorphisms and performed an initial association study of the three genes with milk fat percentage in the three dairy breeds German Holstein, German Simmental and German Brown.

Karger AG, Basel Materials and methods Received 28 May 2003; revision accepted 29 July 2003. Request reprints from L. com © 2003 S. 50/0 Peripheral blood cell cultures from normal cattle (BTA) and a calf from Piedmont breed affected by arthrogryposis, river buffalo (BBU), sheep (OAR) and goat (CHI) were treated for late incorporation of both BrdU (15 Ìg/ml) and Hoechst 33258 (30 Ìg/ml) to obtain enhanced R-banded preparations. com/cgr Fig. 1. (a–d) Details of comparative FISHmapping with BAC-clones containing the SMN gene in cattle (a), river buffalo (b), sheep (c) and goat (d).

6 Ìm) achieved in cells of normal cattle (Fig. 1e, g, i). This strongly suggests a possible duplication of the SMN gene in the Piedmont calf affected by arthrogryposis. , 1999). Eggen et al. (1998b), by using a microsatellite contained in a cosmid with MAP1B (near to SMN), did not find close linkage with SMA in cattle, although they examined a small Brown Swiss pedigree. So far arthrogryposis in Piedmont cattle seems to be a different form from the Brown cattle one. Thus, more cases affected by arthrogryposis should be investigated in Piedmont cattle to get more precise conclusions on the genetic structure of this disease in this economically important species.

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