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By Virmani, O. P.; Narula, A. K.

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35. What is the relationsbip between tbe half-life period of a reaction and the initial concentration of the reactant(s)? 36. Outline the usefulness of tbe study of chemical kinetics. 37. Giving one example, explain how measuring the order of a reaction bell's in understanding its mechanism. 3 WATER Water is one of th(~ most essential substances needed to sustain human life, animals and plants. It is needed for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing (cleaning), for sanitary disposal of domestic and human wastes, and for agriculture.

_x_ at (a -x) As one mole of sodium hydroxide is consumed for every mole of ethyl acetate hydrolysed, the progress of the reaction is followed by withdrawing definite fixed volumes of the reaction mixture at suitable time intervals and detennining the amount of residual alkali. Procedure (1) Take 50 Illl (with a pipet) of M/25 ethyl acetate solution and 70--80 ml of M/2S NaOH in separate dean and dry lSO-ml conical flasks. Stopper the flasks and suspend in a thermostat maintained at 25° C. (2) Take 6 conical flasks each of 100 ml capacity.

Record the time when the pipet has been half discharged into the flask. Take this as the time II of arresting the reaction. (6) Immediately add 2 drops of phenolphthalein indicator and titrate quickly against M/50 NaOH solution until a pink colour appears. Record the titre value as VI 1. (7) Similarly, withdraw lO-ml portions of the reaction mixture at times 10,20, 30, 50, and 80 minutes and pour into flasks containing 20 ml of ice-cold Hel and titrate quickly against the standard (M/50) alkali solution.

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